The entire Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) process assists the team in developing a comprehensive tool set for each campaign. CJM makes it obvious when there is a gap or there is a next touchpoint needed. It is fantastic at forcing people to make sure all of the boxes are checked. Another result of CJM is the awareness that the tracking creates when something works and when it does not.


Doug Lockhart
SVP, Bible Marketing & Outreach
HarperCollins Christian Publishing


Franklin’s Customer Journey Mapping exercise took my product from an average product in my company’s portfolio to a leader of the pack. We were able to grow by over 100% in one year due to the insight derived from analyzing the customer’s journey. We were able to tighten our execution, improve our targeting, and ensure that we paid attention to the customers most likely to result in profit. There were multiple instances that we tracked customers who entered our funnel with a $0 purchase and ultimately bought a package of over $10,000! I highly recommend maximizing Franklin’s expertise.

Brian Williams

Owner, Brian Williams Consulting