Pumpkin-Carving & Private Equity Acquisition (7 EERILY similar steps)

7 Steps of Pumpkin-CarvingHow many similarities do you see between pumpkin-carving & Private Equity acquisition?

Step 1: Pick out the best one with the most potential to express your creative vision
JackolanternStep 2: Draw your own face on it
Step 3: Start cutting
Step 4: Gut it
Step 5: Light it up
Step 6: Put it on display
Step 7: Dispose of it

This was just for fun

This comparison came to me while I was planning my pumpkin-carving strategy this Fall. Yes, I confess, I’m so obsessed with being intentional, I even have a jack-o-lantern strategy.

Think a moment about each of those steps and how they relate to people in a company that’s being acquired. It’s funny to see the similarities but it’s FRIGHTENING to be in that position!

The truth is, I fully support Private Equity ownership but this analogy highlights the real stigma that comes along with it. Each acquisition creates enormous anxiety for employees.

GhostsIf you’re part of a Private Equity Firm, are you prepared to address how that disruption affects the company culture? You won’t get the best work out of employees who are SPOOKED.

Studies have proven that people perform better when their minds are free to be creative. Anxiety and stress choke out our best potential.

Empathy & Equity Ownership


How do you express genuine empathy to employees in a company you just acquired? You better have a plan. And you better have the right people in place to execute it.

Put someone in charge of a new acquisition who has no tact and you’ll be off to a very FRIGHTFUL start.

It takes a combination of empathy, candor, and a hodgepodge of other true leadership skills to navigate a successful transition to Private Equity ownership.

What’s this have to do with Journey Mapping?

The Employee Experience is one of the best applications for Journey Mapping principles. It walks you through the perspective of the employees during and after the acquisition process so you can find ways to relieve anxiety and instill confidence in a stronger future for them and the company.

If you think this is a WICKED post, don’t be SCARED to share it! 

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