Why I Blog About Customer Journey Mapping

map2Why does Customer Journey Mapping keep coming up on LinkedIn? Why are people writing about it, offering consulting services for it, and speaking about it at conferences all over the world? What’s the big deal?

Why would someone like me take the time to write all these articles? Why share these tips? Why not keep it all to myself?

Those are valid questions. Everyone who knows me well knows that I am a very transparent person so I’ll tell you why I’m doing this. And being a systematic and analytical person, I’ll give you my reasoning in the form of a list.

Here are three reasons why I blog about CJM:

Why Customer Journey Mapping?

1. Customer Journey Mapping is Intoxicating:

Like watching a powerful movie, hearing a great joke, or seeing an awesome stunt successfully executed on YouTube, your enjoyment isn’t fully realized until you share it with someone else.

That’s how I feel about CJM. I’ve been using it for 20 years and it always brings immediate, impressive results. I love the excitement of seeing CJM succeed! And I want you to join me in that excitement.

By the way, this excitement can go viral with the team you lead. Everyone involved in a CJM project becomes energized by the precise goals, the clear path to success, and the ability to play a key part in contributing to it.

2. Positive Customer Journeys are Rare:

The second reason why I am writing these articles and sharing these tips is that it is desperately needed. Why is it so surprising, shocking even, to have a good experience when you are onboarded for a new job? It is so rare, people can’t help but post an update about it on LinkedIn when they have a good first day. CJM can solve that when applied to onboarding.

When’s the last time you heard of someone having a great experience filing an insurance claim, having cable installed, buying a used car, inquiring about a mistake on their credit card statement, or returning a defective product? Why are good experiences so rare, we are stunned to be treated with courtesy and respect? That leads me to the third reason why I am blogging about CJM.

3. Customer Journey Mapping Can Make the World a Better Place:

I am aware that this sounds like an overstatement but I passionately believe it is true. The world would be a better place if CJM was applied in each industry, company, department, project, website, software program, and division of government.

I am writing these articles because I am a customer too and I want to have better experiences:

  • I envision a world in which ads never interrupt our enjoyment of a website, video, or game app but instead marketers everywhere deliver valuable content we enjoy interacting with.
  • I envision a world in which every manager takes seriously the responsibility to give each direct report an excellent experience in the workplace where they are trusted, empowered, appreciated, respected, valued, and given ample opportunities for professional growth.
  • I envision a world in which the path to apply for Medicare is so simple and clear, everyone who qualifies could figure it out and complete the application in under an hour.
  • I envision a world in which companies actually test the sensors on the faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel machines before they install them in public restrooms all over the world. Is it just me or do those never work until you finally give up waving your hands under the sensor and walk away in shame feeling like you aren’t smart enough to figure out a faucet – only to have it go on the moment you step away?
  • I envision a world in which every app, software program, and website is intuitive and easy to operate and navigate.

Customer Journey Mapping can make the world a better place for everyone. This is why I am taking the time to write about CJM. I’m passionate about the potential CJM can have in almost every possible application. I want you to provide better experiences to your customers and I want us all to benefit from having others carefully analyze and optimize the journey we take when we encounter their business.

I’d love to hear what examples you would like to see CJM applied in for your personal benefit. Please leave a comment!

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