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IKEA Customer Experience

Why I’m Both Impressed and Irritated by IKEA’s Customer Experience

IKEA has a unique purpose, plan, and path for each customer that visits one of their 400+ massive stores.

Their intentionality is impressive, even though the experience is less than ideal for a claustrophobe like me.

But businesses in every sector can benefit from considering IKEA’s example of providing a clear path for their customers to take.

Pre-Order Button

How Soon is Too Soon to Begin a Marketing Campaign?

What’s the sweet spot for timing the announcement of your next big product launch? A week? A month? Six months?

This article gives a brief overview of the ideal timing for pre-orders by industry. It also covers 3 dangers of starting your campaign too soon, 2 reasons why pre-orders matter, and 3 tips for being successful at your next pre-order campaign.

A Case for Complaining (Yes, You Read that Right)

One of my kids is unusually reserved. It takes a lot of effort to draw out what is bothering her. But we can’t help her as parents unless she talks to us.

What does this have to do with business? The same thing is true of leadership. Managers can’t lead effectively without knowing about the challenges their team is facing.

Effective leaders seek to draw out these things from their staff by creating an atmosphere of safety.

Copywriting Enthusiasm

Six Slogan Strategies for Tackling Taglines

I’ve been writing taglines for products, brands, and companies for most of my career and in this article, I share my method for coming up with effective slogans.

You’ll learn 6 different approaches that I take into consideration with each campaign.

Explanations and examples of each strategy are included and a downloadable template is also provided to help you implement these methods into your routine.