Clarity, Conciseness, and Clean websites trump clutter

Clean, Clear & Concise: The Need for Simplicity in Website Design

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about major changes to the Facebook News Feed has created quite a stir.

But when Customer Engagement is a top priority, companies make difficult decisions to improve it.

Thankfully, those changes often result in opportunities that are more engaging to users and more profitable for advertisers.

First Step of Customer Journey Mapping is to Make 3 Lists

Step 1 of Customer Journey Mapping: Build 3 Lists

Customer Experience matters! The world’s leading companies obsess over it and you can too. But how do you begin the process of converting your business into an  authentically customer-centric organization?

You can start by building three relatively simple lists – a list of customer types, touchpoints, and pain points.

Here are some tips to get you started…

Customer Experience vs. Employee Experience

Customer Experience or Employee Experience – which is more important?

There are many blog posts and articles circulating on LinkedIn lately about the importance of the Customer Experience (CX, UX).

There’s also a lot being written about the need to optimize the Employee Experience (EX, EEL).

Amazon, Apple, and Facebook are both known for obsessing over customers.

Google, Southwest Airlines, and DreamWorks are known for providing an outstanding Employee Experience.

Which experience takes precedence – the Customer’s or the Employee’s?  

Franklin Goldberg resume as an infographic nutshell

Me, in a Nutshell (literally)

This week I worked on a project that required distilling complex information into a single infographic. What would normally fill a small book had to be condensed into an 11×17″ poster. 

That project was a lot of fun. I enjoy making complex things understandable.

While I was working on this, I thought about how much easier it is to consume information this way. Then I thought about how difficult it is to get to know someone from their resume or LinkedIn profile. 

So I spent a little time making an infographic to help people get to know me better. It was just for fun but I hope you enjoy it.

Asking too many questions can make you look weak

How to figure things out without asking too many questions

Recently, an intern asked for a half hour of my time to get a little career advice before heading back to finish her senior year at college. I had a couple days to think about what I should say. I decided to give her some advice that I wish I had known when I started my career – how to think deep by asking questions without looking weak.