The Power of Epic Storytelling: 27.5 Million Viewers only Watch the Super Bowl for the Commercials

What can marketers learn from the Super Bowl Commercial phenomenon? People still want to be entertained. 27 million people who don’t like football will spend hours watching a sport they don’t understand just to catch the year’s most hilarious commercials. Here are a few takeaways for marketers…

Stop the Madness! How Ad Clutter Kills Even the Best Content

Mark Zuckerberg's announcement about major changes to the Facebook News Feed has created quite a stir. But when Customer Engagement is a top priority, companies make difficult decisions to improve it. Thankfully, those changes often result in opportunities that are more engaging to users and more profitable for advertisers.

My Experience with Apple’s iPhone Battery Replacement Process

Are Apple's apologies sincere regarding the issues with iPhone batteries? Here's my experience working with Apple to have my battery replaced. See if you think they're as serious as they could be about rectifying this issue for their loyal fans.

Facebook Armageddon or a New Frontier for Customer Engagement?

Unless you’re still sticking to a New Year’s resolution to fast from social media, you’ve probably heard that Mark Zuckerberg is making big changes to ads in the Facebook News Feed. Is this the end of the marketing world as we know it or is it a new frontier for opportunities to engage customers?

From Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer: Some Thoughts about Misconduct in the Workplace

We're seeing a wave of scandalous sexual misconduct in the headlines and the result is outrage and zero tolerance. How does this relate to other forms of misconduct and abuse in the workplace? Here are a few thoughts.

Why & How to Optimize Your Transactional Emails

One of the many benefits of Customer Journey Mapping is its ability to expose which touchpoints could bring immediate, radical growth when optimized. It might surprise you to know that some of the most profitable touchpoints to tweak are your transactional emails. Here are 4 reasons to optimize them and 5 ways to do it.

Step 1 of Customer Journey Mapping: Build 3 Lists

Customer Experience matters! The world’s leading companies obsess over it and you can too. But how do you begin the process of converting your business into an  authentically customer-centric organization? You can start by building three relatively simple lists – a list of customer types, touchpoints, and pain points. Here are some tips to get you started...

Superiority Complex – Imposter Syndrome’s Evil Twin

Would you treat a direct report differently if you suddenly discovered they were… - Related to the CEO - Being groomed to become your future boss - Outrageously wealthy (and just doing the job for personal fulfilment) How would your leadership style change? If you had to fear what they would say to their aunt (the CEO), what would you do differently on a daily basis? If you knew you would soon report to them, how would that affect your behavior? How would your respect for someone as a person change if you found out they were crazy rich?

What would happen if people were as candid EVERY DAY as they are in an exit interview?

Have you ever been on the giving or receiving end of an exit interview? Not every company has them but they should because it is an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable insight. Employees know they have nothing to lose so they speak as freely as they wish. This is actually the description of a healthy company culture.

See Me!!! 5 Ways Leaders can Increase Visibility for each Team Member

Take a moment to list three or four things that you’re most proud of in your life. Do your coworkers know about any of them? Do you know the three or four things that would be on your coworkers' lists? What can you do to make sure everyone on your team is aware of each other's greatest achievements?