Google Search Cheat Sheet (21 Easy Tips)

SEO & Customer Journey Mapping

SEO is an important but easily ignored part of Customer Journey Mapping. Improving your site’s location in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is one of the best ways to focus on the Awareness side of your Customer Journey Map.

If your company is the #1 search result for trending keywords and phrases in your industry, you can then focus your efforts on converting those leads into Customers and eventually Advocates.

The Ultimate Guide to Link Building book by Eric Ward and Garrett FrenchBook Recommendation

Rand Fishkin, SEO guru and founder of Moz and SparkToro, recently recommended a book from 2013 by Eric Ward and Garrett French titled The Ultimate Guide to Link Building.

Don’t let the texbooky cover design or technical-sounding title deceive you; this is one of the most practical and interesting books I’ve read this year!

It’s remarkable how relevant this 5-year-old resource still is today!

This is the kind of book you’ll mark up with notes and highlights and you’ll catch yourself stopping every few pages to try out what your reading. I highly recommend it!

21 Easy Tips for Searching Google

There’s a lot of content in this book that impacts Customer Journey Mapping strategies but one of the most surprising takeaways for me was the list of advanced Google search tips.

I've been searching Google like a cavemanMy mind was blown! I couldn’t believe that I’d been searching Google all these years like a caveman!

I had no idea these shortcuts existed and I’m learning that I’m not alone.

I wanted to create a cheat sheet to tape to my computer monitor so I wouldn’t forget all these valuable shortcuts. I added a few additional tips from the 3 sources below and the result is the following cheat sheet that I intend to use for business and personal web browsing.

I hope you find it useful too. Feel free to share it or print it up for your computer monitor.

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Additional Sources:

21 Easy Tips for Advanced Google Search Techniques

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