What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer Journey Mapping defined

What does Journey Mapping mean?

I’ve been a pioneer of Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) strategies for 20 years in 5 distinct industries but I’ve yet to find a working definition that applies to all of its potential applications.

For example, a journey map for eCommerce is very different than one for Product Marketing or Brand Management. Since I couldn’t find a clear definition, I came up with this:

Customer Journey Mapping is a visual process whereby existing touchpoints with customers are identified, analyzed, and optimized and new touchpoints are created to intentionally and incrementally move a customer to greater engagement.

What could Journey Mapping mean for you?

That definition may be accurate but it’s rather boring so instead of talking about what it is, let me explain what it does:

CJM logo2Customer Journey Mapping walks you through each step of your Customer’s Experience so you can strategically identify where the greatest opportunities for immediate, radical growth lie.

What do we mean by immediate, radical growth?

Let me put it this way, What would happen to your career path if you increased Customer Engagement by 50x and as a result, grew revenue by 90% – 300%, all in less than a year?”

Those are the average results we’ve seen over the last 20 years. Sometimes the growth is much higher.

Journey Mapping = Immediate, radical results every time

Spinning plates

Every time we map a customer journey, obvious opportunities for radical growth are quickly identified.

The company never saw them before because they were too busy keeping all their plates spinning. They didn’t have the bandwidth to experience the journey their customers were actually taking.

What tools are required?

Journey Mapping can be as simple or complex as needed for each situation. Many times, the tools required to bring immediate, radical growth are as simple as post-it notes or a whiteboard.

On the other hand, some companies use complex software solutions to closely monitor data in real-time for customizations that improve each individual’s experience according to their behavior.

Here is a list of tools that have proven helpful:

  • Basic tools to get started (you already have these):
    • Paper and pens
    • Post-it notes and sharpies
    • A whiteboard and markers
    • Office software:
      • Free Google Drive software (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
      • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Free survey software (this will help you gather preliminary data from employees & customers):
    • SurveyMonkey
    • Google Forms
    • Use your current reporting software and CRM tools to help you fill in more data about your Customer Experience
  • Flowchart software (this will come in handy when you’re ready to start the visual process of mapping everything out):
    • Free options like Canva, Google Drawings, and draw.io
    • Reasonably priced flowchart software like Lucidchart is often worth the investment
  • Tracking software (to make lasting changes, you’ll need the ability to monitor results in real time so you can be agile and improve the customer experience immediately):
    • Sometimes all a company needs is Google Shorteners to track links between touchpoints, ads, websites, videos, and content marketing assets
    • DoubleClick (by Google) is a paid option with more features
  • High-end software solutions (not all companies need or can afford expensive software solutions but there are plenty of tools with impressive capabilities to optimize the experience of each individual customer):

Remember, the underlying principles that make Journey Mapping effective don’t need to be complex or intimidating. But they can be as powerful as you need them to be.

Perhaps the most important tool to help you get started is to work with a Journey Mapping consultant like us.

Let us help so you can keep those plates spinning while we work together to identify the opportunities with the greatest potential to bring immediate, radical growth.

Couldn’t you do this yourself? Yes, but experts with over 20 years’ experience have a unique advantage. Optimizing customer experiences is what we do and we’re able to bring all the learnings from other projects to your situation.

We’ll steer you away from things that have proven to be ineffective for others and will help you find opportunities you probably wouldn’t have identified on your own.

The cost of our consulting services can often be recouped within days or weeks of implementation. Prices vary depending on the nature of the project but it doesn’t cost anything to inquire.

Drop me a note at the form below to start a conversation about how Journey Mapping Works can bring immediate, radical growth to your business.

Areas where Journey Mapping can bring radical growth (in alphabetical order):



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