Journey Mapping Exposes Blind Spots to Opportunity


Journey Mapping is all about identifying gaps that are keeping a company from exponential growth. Every company, without exception, has blind spots. Insightful new employees may see them at first but they quickly lose their “fresh eyes”.

That’s where Journey Mapping comes in. An experienced Journey Mapper is able to dig into the data, do a little data whispering, ask the right questions of the stakeholders, analyze the current path customers are taking, and identify holes that, when filled, are capable of bringing exponential growth.

Sometimes one small change, like adding a new touchpoint in a journey, can immediately triple revenue! The solution always looks like common sense but those who are closest to the business often don’t see the opportunity.

20 years of honing and refining Journey Mapping in 4 distinct industries has given me an edge, an instinct to interpret data, ask the right questions, and come up with solutions that bring shocking results. But I’m not alone. There is a growing community of Journey Mapping pioneers who are doing some amazing things for businesses all over the world.

This is an exciting space to be in because it always works. Journey Mapping increases revenue for companies while at the same time improving customer experiences and employee engagement. It’s a win-win-win.

Ready to see if Journey Mapping can transform your business? Let’s talk. Use the Contact form to start a conversation.

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