Thank You, Facebook, For Proving It Works To Put The Customer First!

FacebookCustomer experiences matter – they always have – but it has never been proven to the degree that Facebook has in recent years.

Facebook puts the customer and their experience first. Why? Because they are humanitarian philanthropists who want to make the world a better place? Maybe, but I suspect the reason for their customer-centric priorities is that it just plain works.

For Facebook to be successful, people have to want to come back for more – over and over again. For that to happen, they need to love the experience. If they don’t, Facebook knows all too well that another app could suddenly appear and take over just like they took over MySpace’s user base (sorry Brad Paisley, I still love your song Online).

What does this customer-focused approach mean for you as a Facebook user?

Less Advertising Interruptions

You won’t be interrupted by too many advertisements, even from the companies you follow. They limit those ads so that you always find what you want each time you log in – updates from family and friends about their lives, likes, and lunch.

Did you know that ads are limited by their ability to successfully engage the Facebook community?  If enough people don’t click on them, Facebook will pull those ads down no matter how much money they could have made from those companies.

I love it that Facebook puts the customer first. In the not-so-distant past, big corporations could force people to watch their ads as long as they had enough money. I am so thankful to live in a day when ads are limited by how engaging they actually are to customers.

Amazon has followed suit by putting the customer first, not only in their stellar customer service, but in the ads they allow. The Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform operates much like Facebook in that ads are pulled when customers aren’t engaging with them.

Everybody wins when the Customer Experience is Priority #1

It is a win-win when companies put their customers and their experiences first. The customers are happier and the company becomes more profitable. Aren’t you surprised that the rest of the world hasn’t caught on yet?

If they don’t follow suit, they will eventually go the way of MySpace. Take YouTube for example. Have you noticed how they now force you to watch non-skippable ads? Do you really think customers are going to respond well to that?

One of my favorite game apps just increased their skippable ads from 5 seconds to 30. I don’t use it anymore and I’m not the only one abandoning it.

If you use any on-demand television apps, you know that most of them force you to watch the same commercials during every break and sometimes they show the same ad twice in the same break! Even if you were amused the first time, you soon become nauseated by it.

Clearly that ad isn’t going to endear you to the brand being advertised. And eventually – but sadly not as soon as we would all like – the sponsors will learn their ads aren’t converting and they’ll move on to another platform where they can try to force you to watch their commercial.

Ads Don’t Work!

People are more ad-averse, even ad-allergic, than ever before. We’re used to clicking the thumbs-down icon on Pandora to instantly skip to a song we like. We’ve learned how to ignore banner ads without a second glance, like they’re in our blind spot. We know how to mute a commercial break ad faster than you can say “Buy me”.

For your business to be successful, you need to put the customer and their experience first like Facebook. It is a winning strategy and it’s worth the effort.

The best way to do that is to start applying Customer Journey Mapping to everything you do. That’s what is all about. Please check out my other posts and subscribe so you can receive tips, tricks, and case studies that can help you start or expand your Journey Mapping strategies.

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