4 Reasons to Make Sure Everyone on your Team LOVES their Job!

Good leaders are keenly aware of the power of creative energy within each person on their team but, sadly, most managers are not committed to bringing it out. And this is hurting businesses everywhere.

This article unpacks four simple points about tapping into the power of creative energy:

  1. Creative energy is powerful
  2. Creative energy is limited
  3. Creative energy is stifled by anxiety
  4. Creative energy is going to be spent somewhere

Creative energy is powerful:Light Bulb

When the mind is free, fearless, and focused, it can do extraordinary things! This is true for anyone at every level in a company. From the newbie to the CEO, everyone has the potential to soar as long as their creative energy is free, fearless, and focused.

One simple but profoundly important tactic a leader can do to bring out the best in their employees is to simply focus on freeing each person on the team so their creative energy can be unleashed on their projects.

Creative energy is limited:

BatteryIt’s important to know that creative energy is limited. It is finite. Like a rechargeable battery, there’s only so much juice.

This is why it is so important to not overwork your team. They need some down time to recharge. If you drive them to work long hours and weekends, not only will their quality of life go down – it will hurt their productivity.

Creative energy is stifled by anxiety:

StressEveryone has potential to do extraordinary things but anxiety is a serial killer of creative energy. It decimates it every time.

It’s not possible to soar with creative ideas when you are worried about your boss yelling at you or when you fear that you might lose your job.

Toxic work environments hurt everyone and create an agonizing downward spiral – the employees are miserable and the employers don’t get the best from their staff.

On the other hand, positive work environments with people who are free, fearless, and focused are a win-win scenario. The employees are happy and they produce better work because they are free to use their creative energy on their projects.

Creative energy is going to be spent somewhere:

ApplyThat brings us to the last point. Creative energy is going to be spent somewhere.

Your team is full of creative people. If you don’t free them to bring their creative energy to the workplace, they will spend it somewhere else – possibly looking for another job or starting their own business.

Good leaders recognize the untapped potential of creative energy hidden beneath the surface of each employee. Be the kind of leader who brings that out in every team member. It is actually in your best interest.

How does this relate to Customer Journey Mapping? Employee Engagement is a direct application of Journey Mapping to the workplace.

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