The Golden Rule of Customer Journey Mapping

This blog is about making Journey Mapping accessible to everyone. Why? Because everybody wins when companies focus on optimizing the experience their customers walk through when they encounter their business.

The customers win because they know they are being heard and that their experience matters. The company wins because the customer comes back for more. The team that optimizes their customers’ experiences wins because their work is producing off-the-chart results and everyone on the team is motivated, driven, and excited to have a clear goal to work towards and a precise path to get there.

But you might notice that this blog is called “Journey Mapping Works!” and not “Customer Journey Mapping Works!” That is intentional because Journey Mapping can extend far beyond just a customer/company relationship. It can be applied to Employee Engagement, Fundraising, Politics, Church Growth, and every other industry and application you can think of.goldenruleplumb

Simply put, Journey Mapping involves closely analyzing the path that people take and identifying ways you can improve their experience. Or let me put it this way – the Golden Rule of Journey Mapping is to do to others what you wish they would do to you. It’s really that simple. Intentionally put yourself in the shoes of other people, analyze their perspective, and ask yourself what you would want to experience.

The Golden Rule of Journey Mapping is to do to others what you wish they would do to you.

  • Do you want to be interrupted with pop up ads when you’re reading a blog? Then don’t use pop-up ads in your media mix.
  • How do you want to be greeted when you enter a hotel, bank, or doctor’s office? Those first few seconds make a lasting impression, don’t they? Take the time to figure out the best way to greet people even if it means rearranging the office to make it more inviting. Then move from there to optimize every other touchpoint in their visit until the moment they leave – but don’t stop there – optimize your follow-up strategy and focus on improving their next visit.
  • How do you feel when you step up to the counter at McDonald’s and the cashier doesn’t say a word but impatiently waits for you to start your order? Then, when you’re finished, all she says is “That it?” I doubt that person has put herself in the shoes of the customer or she would realize she could be a Linchpin as Seth Godin would say and take the initiative to reinvent what it means to be a fast food cashier. Check out this post on LinkedIn to see how this panned out for someone who worked the drive thru at Taco Bell.
  • What do you wish would have been done for you when you were onboarded for your current job? Take the time to figure out how it could have been an awesome experience and then give that to the next person you hire.
  • How many times do you want to be emailed by a company? When do you reach your limit and unsubscribe? You’re limit is probably closer than you might think to the limit of the average person. So only send emails to your subscribers as often as you would want to get them.
  • Do long emails weigh you down? Figure out how to say what you need to say more concisely so everyone looks forward to your updates knowing it won’t be a time-suck.

As you can see, Journey Mapping is closely tied to Empathy – a concept gaining traction in the marketing world and I’m glad it is. Don’t you love that we live in a day in which the best user experiences just happen to be best for everyone involved. Like the title to this blog states, “Journey Mapping Works!”

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