Does Customer Journey Mapping Work?

pabloAbsolutely! But how can it help you? Which departments of your company could benefit from using it? You might be surprised. Over the last 20 years, I’ve used Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) in a variety of divisions within 5 distinct industries and it has consistently delivered radical results.

Sometimes even the first few steps of CJM can lead to instant and dramatic increases in revenue. For example, gaping holes are often discovered the very first time a team closely examines the journey their customers are taking. Some of those missed opportunities can be addressed immediately, creating a more seamless experience for the customer which leads to more engagement and sales for you.

I’ve seen CJM bring anywhere from 88% to 300% YoY growth the first year it was applied. Now you can see why I’ve become obsessed with it!

CJM is more than just one piece of a business strategy; it has the potential to shape and guide everything a team and company does.

Here is a list of the areas in which I have seen CJM create drastic results. Please add to this list by leaving a comment about how you have had success by with CJM.

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